Trenchless Replacement via Water Line Pipe Bursting


PUCC began completing successful water line pipe burst projects at the turn of the millennium as a proven method to replace old, broken and outdated existing water lines.  By the early 2000s, however, PUCC turned its resources to assist in in the prevention of sanitary sewer overflows, and water line pipe bursting projects inadvertently took back stage compared to sewer line pipe bursting projects.  But the problems associated with ignoring an aging water main and distribution system continued to surface throughout the early 2000s in both rural and urban communities across America.  Water main breaks, water loss and loss of revenue began receiving negative attention.  Industry professional looking for solutions are utilizing pipe bursting of water lines to help solve these types of issues and many have turned to PUCC to offer its

expertise and influence in water line pipe bursting.  PUCC most recently completed the following water line pipe burst projects:


2011, Liberty Road Water Line Pipe Burst project for the Western Virginia Water Authority, Roanoke, VA;

2013/2014, Central Valley Water Line Pipe Burst project for Consolidated Utility District, Murfreesboro, TN;

2014/2015, Water Line Pipe Burst Project for Roanoke Rapids, NC;



Benefits of water line pipe bursting include:


It is trenchless.  Disruption to city streets, lawns and businesses is minimal.

Upsizing is possible provided there is proper cover available and spacing to other nearby utilities is sufficient.

It is quicker

It saves money on stone, asphalt and concrete.


For more information on the water line pipe bursting method, please go to the technical information provided on this website for water line pipe bursting to learn how this method might help meet your unique and complex water line replacement needs.