Trenchless Replacement via Sewer Line Pipe Bursting


PUCC collaborated with industry professionals at the turn of the millennium to utilize trenchless technology via the pipe burst method as a possible solution for replacement of aging sewer and water utilities.  Cities, municipalities and engineers in Tennessee and Virginia teamed with PUCC in the early 2000s to try the pipe burst method as an alternative to the traditional dig and replace method.  Early on the sewer pipe burst pilot projects proved successful in solving I/I problems for many system owners including the City of Kingsport, Knoxville Utilities Board and South Boston, VA.  Today with over one million linear foot installed, PUCC crews provide pipe bursting services that offer its customers the following benefits:


  • It is trenchless.  Disruption to city streets, lawns and businesses is minimal.
  • It allows for the upsizing of existing lines
  • The new pipe, typically HDPE pipe is strong, yet flexible, making ideal for tough situations.
  • Pipe Bursting is economical compared to open trench methods in many instances.


For more information on the sewer line pipe bursting method, please go to the technical information provided on this website for sewer line pipe bursting to learn how this method might help meet your unique and complex sewer replacement needs.