The PUCC Company Values are the guidelines for how we all work together as a company to conduct our business. They define how we will work together, treat one another, do our work and interact with the community around us. In short, these values describe the code of conduct for all of us at PUCC and are the standards of behavior expected of each one of us at all times.



Respect for the Customer


We recognize our customers are the reason we exist as a business. Furthermore, we recognize our customers have customers - the residents and taxpayers. We regard our customers' customers as our customers too, and we give them our full respect, attention and consideration at all times.



Respect for People


We recognize and value each person in the company. Each of us is a unique person with skills, knowledge and personality. We recognize the individual value of each person and treat each other with dignity and respect. We interact with others with honesty and integrity, and we conduct ourselves with professionalism even in the most difficult situations.



Respect for the Work


We take pride in our work. PUCC is dedicated to completing our work to the highest standards of quality, efficiency and safety. We go the extra mile to make certain our work is the best.



Respect for the Team


We are a committed team made up of talented individuals who each bring value to the company. We can only succeed as a team, and each of us is accountable for the work we do. We are committed to improving the team and making the team stronger as we grow.



Respect for the Company


We are proud of PUCC. We are a leader in infrastructure rehabilitation and use our years of experience to every job. We do outstanding work, provide outstanding service, and deliver outstanding value to our customers.